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EnviroFreak is a forum for folks interested in the environment.  Over on the left side of the page you will see links to the forums we monitor.  Just click on one of the subjects and you will land on a forum page.  And to think, no fossil fuels are needed to get you there! You can get into a general discussion about environmental issues, or a professional discussion with other environmental professionals, list your services as an Environmental Service Provider or list your products as an Environmental Product Supplier.  You can also post and look for job or business opportunities.    Come on in and post your thoughts, people would love to hear them.

Quote of the week: 

"Cant we all just get along?"

- partial conversation overheard between a dolphin and a roughneck on an oil drilling platform.

Get current news and information on environmental concerns.  Visit EnviroFreak everyday for updated news... read it below!  And find environmental agencies in your area, along with companies that offer clean management services, practices, and consultation... click here!


Read the "Environmental Voting Records of Members of the Congress 2006" report by Stuart H. Hurlbert, Joas S. Dainer, and Alexander Clausen Scholz - click here

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